Model Training: YOLOv5 Video Tutorial

How to train a custom YOLOv5 model with your Roboflow project.

Written by Mohamed Traore

Last published at: May 3rd, 2022

Train a Custom YOLOv5 Model

After generating a version of your labeled object detection dataset, we are ready to train a model.

Here is a tutorial on training a YOLOv5 Model with the help of Roboflow's python package for easy data management.

There are 4 Ways to Export Your Dataset on Roboflow:

(1) Download to a Zip Folder

(2) Download with our python package - this is the most common method, as it allows you to programmatically download your images and use them to train a model with our model zoo.

(3) Download with a curl command

(4) Download by Raw URL

Once you copy your dataset export code, continue on with the video tutorial to train your model:

YOLOv5, Roboflow Model Zoo

Don't forget to save your model weights!

How to Save and Load Your Model Weights in Google Colab