Starting Your First Project

A walkthrough on how to begin your first object detection project on Roboflow.

Written by Mohamed Traore

Last published at: July 6th, 2022

Start your first Object Detection project on Roboflow.

Dataset Upload --> Dataset Generation & Model Training with Roboflow Train. Plus: Quick insight into Dataset Health Check, selecting preprocessing & augmentation steps, exporting in different annotation formats, and deploying your model to run inference.

Topics Covered:

Creating Your Project

What are annotation batches? Uploading images (working with annotation batches, and our annotation workflow)

Getting Images from Roboflow Universe to add to a project

Uploading images to your annotation batch (fresh unannotated images, already annotated images, video files)

Using the annotation tool

Completing an annotation batch, and generating versions of your dataset for model training

Uploading the images from Roboflow Universe to the project

Navigating annotation batches, and uploading new images

Generating versions: A quick primer on Preprocessing and Augmentation

Primer on Dataset Health Check

Training your model

Using Label Assist

Training a custom model with the Roboflow Model Library

Roboflow Train results: model inference/deployment options and running tests

Next Steps:

Testing and Deploying Your Model

Deployment: Using the Roboflow Inference API‍ 

Python Package for OAK Deployment‍ 

Implementing Active Learning