How to Share a Public Project

Sharing a Public project from a Roboflow Community/Public Workspace

Written by Mohamed Traore

Last published at: October 13th, 2022

Here are the ways you can share your Public/Community Workspace project with others:

  1. Switch app in the URL to universe and it will be visible for others to download and inspect the data, but not to change any of the data in your project.

An example, with the face detection project from Roboflow Universe

  1. Accessible to edit by you & team members invited: 
  2. Accessible for public viewing and download: 

Note that all Public projects include a pre-filled citation on Roboflow Universe.

You can also include an Overview/ReadMe (available to edit in Markdown) with more details about the project to increase your chances of being a Featured dataset on Roboflow Universe.

Dataset Overview/ReadMe
Roboflow Universe Project Citation
  1. To invite teammates to the workspace:
    1. This both makes the project visible and includes the option for them to annotate images or generate dataset versions in your workspace. However, on paid plans, we do offer a Label-Only team member role.

Public/Community Workspaces: Getting Featured on Roboflow Universe